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Things go awry in the sea and on land. In the latest episode of "Black Sails," Nassau faces an imminent threat from English ships, and Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) becomes ruthless with his crew members.

In Season 3 Episode 3, the New Providence Island readies itself for an attack from a fleet of eight British ships. However, this proves to be a difficult task since Captain Flint is away at sea and Eleanor (Hannah New), who ran the place with calm and calculated moves, is languishing in jail. A leaderless island is now in the hands of Jack Rackham (Toby Schmitz), Captain Vane (Zach McGowan) and Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy).

In the promo, Rackham lobbies for support and asks everyone to be part of the battle. He later prepares his strategy and mobilises ships so that the island is secure. However, it remains to be seen if the people of Nassau can prevent an invasion. According to the synopsis on TV Guide, "Captain Vane faces defeat and must make a difficult choice." Is Vane defeated by British pirate, Edward Teach a.k.a Blackbeard (Ray Stevenson)? What difficult choice is he forced to make?

Blackbeard's appearance in Nassau spells bad luck for its residents. A Cinema Blend article states that the English pirate has a pretty big role to play in the New Providence Island. Teach begins to upset the old alliances and challenges a new one. In the face of defeat, will Blackbeard force Vane to betray Rackham and Max and team up with him? Will Vane surrender Nassau to the English pirate? 

Elsewhere, the episode focuses on Captain Flint and his disgruntled crew members. In the promo, John Silver (Luke Arnold) loses his temper when rationed food is distributed among those on board. Silver stands up to Flint and demands for more food. The two go fishing and it is evident that their expedition does not go well.

Season 3 Episode 3's synopsis reads:

Flint pushes Silver to the limit while stranded at sea; Rackham seizes the reins as Nassau readies to repel an invasion and Max gets her house in order; Vane faces defeat and must make a difficult choice.

"Black Sails" Season 3 Episode 3 titled "XXI" will be aired on Saturday, 6 February, at 9pm on Starz. You can watch the full episode by live streaming it via Starz website.