Season 2 of ABC's family series "Black-ish" will premiere on Wednesday, 23 September. When the hit series returns with episode 1, "THE Word", we will get to see how the adults of the Johnson household react to one of the kids using the "N" word.

In the preview for "THE Word", we see Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) telling Dre (Anthony Anderson) that their youngest son Jack (Miles Brown) is using the bad word and rhetorically asks him how he would even learn the word. Turns out, it is Dre's love for Kanye West's "Gold Digger" that exposed Jack to the term.

Bow is annoyed at hearing this information and tells Dre that it is unacceptable that their young son uses the word, when Dre reminds her that one great thing about being black is that they are allowed use the term without any judgement. However, Bow disagrees and Pops (Laurence FIshburne) seems to agree with her.

While the show is treading on dicey territory by throwing caution to the wind, there may be one very prestigious fan that will appear on "Black-ish" as a special guest star. It is none other than President Barack Obama.

"They (Obamas) watch the show..They love it. We know them so we've been dealing with them and their people and hopefully they'll say yes," Anderson told E! at the Emmys.

Watch out for season 2 premiere of "Black-ish" at 9.30 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 23 September, on ABC. You can also live stream "THE Word" via ABC Go.


Here's a sneak peek at tomorrow's hilarious #blackish season premiere!

Posted by black-ish on Tuesday, 22 September 2015