Duchess had accused Donna of forcing herself on her
Duchess had accused Donna of forcing herself on herFacebook/Black Ink Crew

"Black Ink Crew" Season 4 has been quite interesting since the beginning, but the previously aired episode 4 "The Dutchess and the Frog" was the icing on the cake. Donna and Dutchess got into a huge argument about what happened between them in Miami and it looks like Sky is ready to reveal the truth about what happened that night.

As fans saw in "Black Ink Crew" Season 4 episode 4, Dutchess and Donna hooked up during a party after getting way high. Although Dutchess seemed to have enjoyed it, it looked like she was scared Donna would say what happened between them. She even started avoiding Donna and getting paranoid.

Later, in "The Dutchess and the Frog," Dutchess claimed that everything sexual that happened between them was initiated by Donna, who forced herself upon her. Fans saw Dutchess trying to convince the rest of the crew that she has never encouraged any advances from Donna. Meanwhile Donna claimed: " Since I met Dutchess she always let me touch her b---, grab her b---, like I sit her down on my lap.. like I touch Dutchess when I want to."

The argument escalated and neither woman backed down. The question still remains, what actually happened at the Miami party? There is one objective by-stander who can answer that question: Sky. She revealed to Vh1 that Dutchess had, in fact, been very receptive towards Donna's moves, and that both of them were all over each other. She is expected to spill more juicy details in the upcoming Season 4 episode 5of "Black Ink Crew."

Don't forget to watch the episode titled "Orange Is the New Black Ink" at 9 p.m. (EST) via Vh1 on Monday, May 2.