Dutchess and Ceaser may be getting married in the Season 4 finale of "Black Ink Crew"
Dutchess and Ceaser may be getting married in the Season 4 finale of "Black Ink Crew"Facebook/Black Ink Crew

The finale episode of "Black Ink Crew" Season 4 will be aired by Vh1 on Monday, June 6. The episode will open a new chapter for Donna in terms of her career and Ceaser will be forced to rethink his relationship with Dutchess.

In the previous episode of "Black Ink Crew" fans saw Ceaser and Dutchess unceremoniously kicking Donna out of Black Ink without so much as a warning. In the upcoming episode 10, she will approach Puma with the hope of working as a tattoo artist at his shop, Art2Ink.

From the promo for the episode, it looks like she gets busy as soon as she starts. Her job in Art2Ink would be a perfect retaliation for Ceaser and Dutchess' constant statements about how Donna does not have the drive to become a tattoo artist.

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As Donna's professional life improves, her personal life seems to hit a bump. From the promo it is clear that she is having issues with Max, and in attempt to sort things out, she reaches out to Max's baby mama.

Meanwhile, Ceaser and Dutchess' relationship gets more strained, especially after his mother tells him she does not approve of the couple. "My mother is about to go into surgery and she drops this bomb on me that she doesn't approve of my marriage to Dutch," Ceaser tells the cameras in the upcoming Season 4 episode 10.

Will Ceaser choose his love over his mother? Find out when "Black Ink Crew" Season 4 episode 10 airs at 9 p.m. (EST) via Vh1 on Monday, June 6.