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Days after Kerala Police arrested four employees of Kallada Travels for allegedly assaulting three passengers, a video has now gone viral on social media which shows the staff attacking a biker for blocking their bus on the highway.

Due to the developments in the last one week, Keralites are urging everyone to boycott Kallada buses. 

In the latest incident, the man, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that the incident took place on November 21, 2018.

"I was travelling at a speed of around 60 kilometres per hour. As the Kallada bus repeatedly blow the horn after trailing me at a high speed, I did not give way for the bus to overtake. When I reached in front of my office, the driver hurled abuses on me. Soon, another Kallada bus worker entered the scene, and he slapped me on my face without asking any explanation," said the bike rider. 

The young man also revealed that police too worked hand-in-glove with the Kallada bus staff to hush up the case.

"After getting the CCTV visuals of the incident, I approached the police and filed a complaint against Kallada Travels. However, police officers revealed that the bus was loaded with passengers during the incident, and this statement was false. Police also informed that the defence which will be raised by Kallada bus owner will be more powerful than my case, and they made it clear that, I will not be able to go abroad for work if the case is there on the court. Finally, as a result of all these pressure tactics, I withdrew my case against Kallada bus workers," the bike rider added.

The police and Kallada Travels are yet to react to the allegations raised by the biker.

Meanwhile, the police have taken the statement of Suresh Kallada, the owner of Kallada Travels, in connection to the passenger assault case. As per the latest updates, police have apparently analysed the call details of Suresh on the date of the incident and have not found anything suspicious.