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The Big Bang Theory S9CBS

"The Big Bang Theory" Season 9 is boasting of love and various relationship issues. Now that most of the characters in the show are couples, the series is exploring the personal dilemmas each one is undergoing. And the trend continues in Episode 16.

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In Episode 15, we saw the couples enjoying Valentine's Day in their own ways. While Leonard and Penny went out to dine and realised they were getting older, Howard and Bernadette planned to use their new hot tub, but found a rabbit floating in it.

Meanwhile, Raj decided to break up with Emily so he could start dating Claire. But to his disappointment, Claire had got back with her ex-boyfriend and obviously Emily wouldn't take him back.

At the end of the episode, Howard was bitten by the rabbit and headed off to the ER to get rabies shots. And Bernadette decided not to tell him she was pregnant.

In Episode 16, Howard and the whole gang will get to know about this news. Celebrations will be the mood of the hour, but at the same time, this couple will have to face their new fears. In "The Positive Negative Reaction," the gang will celebrate news of Bernadette's pregnancy by singing karaoke. But when she announces the news to Howard, his reaction worries her.

The synopsis and photos of the upcoming episode teases that Wolowitz believes he needs to make more money to support his growing family. He will discuss his fears of becoming a father with his friends before they go out to celebrate his impending fatherhood. Similarly, Bernadette will also be seen discussing her concerns with Amy and Penny.

This is good news, but now that most of them are couples, we wonder if Howard-Bernadette's baby news will make others worried about the future of their relationships?

The official plot synopsis of "The Positive Negative Reaction" reads: "Howard freaks out when he finds out Bernadette is pregnant, which makes him think he must earn more money to provide for his family."

"The Big Bang Theory" Season 9 Episode 16, titled "The Positive Negative Reaction", will be aired on Feb. 18 at 8 p.m. on CBS.