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In the latest instalment of "Beauty and the Beast," Vincent gets separated from his wife Catherine and in what seems like a dramatic episode, she might not be able to help him at all. The latest episode in the CW TV series, "Beauty and the Beast," explores how menacing and lonely life could get when one is not with the person they love. 

The promo for the upcoming episode indicates that Vincent will meet an old enemy. In the video clip, Catherine's husband learns that Major Fuller, his foe from Afghanistan, had tried to attack him with a sniper earlier. 

Vincent later says,  "Fuller's not going to be happy to see me." Although Catherine assures him that she will save him from any danger, he fears that he might turn into a beast again, especially with Fuller on the loose. 

The upcoming instalment in "Beauty and the Beast" does indicate that Vincent will embrace his beast self as he is tied down while blood is drawn from him. However, his reason for becoming aggressive could have something to do with Catherine, who gets attacked by two men and then goes missing. 

Season 4 episode 6's synopsis (via TV Guide) reads:

Vincent and Cat learn that another nemesis is out to get Vincent; and their relationship is endangered when they wind up on opposite sides of the law.

"Beauty and the Beast" Season 4 episode 6 airs at 9 p.m. EST on Thursday, July 7 on The CW. You can live-stream the episode via CWINGO.