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In Norma Bates' (Vera Farmiga) life, happiness is rare. The TV series finally offered a glimpse of her real connection with husband Romero (Nestor Campbell), but this will be threatened again. In Season 4 episode 7 titled "There's No Place Like Home," Norman (Freddie Highmore) makes plans to move out of Pineview mental institution.

Norman's therapy sessions with Dr. Edwards (Damon Gupton) have been traumatic to say the least. His psychotherapist witnessed him slipping into the Mother role every now and then. So no wonder that Norman wants to leave Pineview and return home. But does his family want him back?

Among all the people in Norman's life, it is her mother who is the most fearful of him. When Norman informs her about his return, she turns pale. However, since she's a terribly strong woman, she visits him at Pineview and tries to placate him. She even asks him to reconsider his decision of leaving the facility so soon.

On his part, Norman is stone-faced when he asks her, "Is this your idea or your husband's?" Although it isn't clear how he finds out about his mother's marriage, it is safe to assume that Romero could be the next perhaps on Norman's kill list.

If Norma and Dr. Edwards are successful in stopping him from coming home, it could limit the damage in the Bates household. After all, it's not just Romero who could pose as a problem. According to the synopsis (via TV Guide), Dylan will embark on a quest to find Emma's mother. His curiosity piqued in the week's episode, "The Vault," when he found his girlfriend's mother's letter. The summary indicates that he will try to find more information about her strange disappearance.

"Bates Motel" Season 4 episode 7 airs at 9 p.m. EST on Monday, April 25, on A&E. You can live-stream the episode via AETV.