The women on "Basketball Wives: LA" take a break from the balmy weather in Los Angeles and travel to a place where they can ski. The idea of skiing is certainly exciting for some but for others, its their worst nightmare. This is the crux of Season 5 episode 5.

Even though there is a lot of beef among the cast members of "Basketball Wives: LA" Season 5, the idea of a vacation excites all of them and they take a trip. However, tensions begin to rise in their apartment when they are told that they have to ski. Some of them in particular have no interest in the adventure sport and don't look forward to it at all. But skiing won't be the least of their problems. 

In Season 5 episode 5 of the VH1 reality TV series, the women share a few drinks to kick start their vacation and that's when cast member Angel Love finds her drink spiked. In the promo for the upcoming instalment, she looks evidently annoyed and asks her fellow cast mates if one of them tampered with her drink. When no one owns up to it, that's when the drama begins.

The video clip indicates that almost everyone in the "Basketball Wives: LA" cast get into an argument. Reason? They are annoyed that Angel isn't minding her own business. Furthermore, Malaysia Pagro's defence of Brandi Maxiell stirs more tension.

 This verbal altercation forces almost everyone to take sides and although some of them stand up for Malaysia, it looks like Angel has to be strong for herself. Interestingly, if there's one person who seems to be enjoying this, it is Jackie Christie. In the promo, she says, "Now we're talking."  

"Basketball Wives: LA" Season 5 episode 5 airs at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday, Aug. 7, on VH1. You can stream it via VH1's app