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Tami Roman and DJ Duffey's feud becomes worse in the latest installment of Basketball Wives: LA. In season 5 episode 13, the two ruin everyone's Portugal trip when they hash out their differences. 

[Spoiler Alert]

To be sure, Tami and the celebrity DJ have been fighting a long time and it doesn't seem as if Tami can forgive her co-star for taking jabs at her daughter, Jazz. 

Fans of the show will remember that Duffey was rather mean to Jazz after Tami fired her from her position as the video music director for Jazz's video. Although Duffey did apologise to Jazz, her apologies went unheard when they were extended to Tami.

And It seems as if Tami has developed selective amnesia because she doesn't remember the apology, and instead chooses to confront Duffey on their vacation in Portugal.

In the promo for Basketball Wives: LA, season 5 episode 13, almost everyone pleads with Tami to remain quiet but she doesn't heed to their advice. Instead, she chases Duffey and the video clip indicates that they end up beating each other up. Perhaps this is why Jackie Christie calls for security. 

Jackie, 47, is also concerned for the safety of another individual. She can't reach her husband, Doug, and this gives her a panic attack. The VH1 reality star tries to track down Doug but this proves to be a difficult task.

Basketball Wives: LA season 5 episode 13 airs at 8 pm EST on Sunday, 2 October, on VH1. You can stream the episode via VH1's website or app