After a very eventful and dramatic season of "Basketball Wives LA", the women that made Sunday nights so enjoyable from July through October will appear for a reunion on VH1 on 12 October. From the looks of it, Brandi -- who was fired from the show -- will be going down swinging.

In the finale Episode of Season 4, we saw Brandi Maxiell, 24, getting into a huge argument with her boss aka the producer of "Basketball Wives LA" Shaunie O'Neal, 40. At the end of their heated argument, Brandi took to Twitter to defend her actions, but it was too late and she was fired before you even knew about it.

Although a lot of "BBWLA" fans found Brandi's conundrum hilarious, a lot took her side as well:

 I don't know if it's a good idea for executive producers to be part of casts. It just seems to never work out or be fair. #BBWLA - IG: MrCouture

You are the producer of the show you shouldn't insert yourself in their drama. Conflict of interest. @ShaunieONeal #BBWLA @VH1 - Jerome Trammel

Regardless, we will get to see who has the last laugh on "Basketball Wives LA" at the reunion episode, where we see Brandi attacking Tami via a promo clip. In the video, Brandi called her "thirsty" and gets shut down by the older woman who says that she should learn to listen to the other person before retaliating.

Watch out for the reunion episode of "Basketball Wives LA" Season 4 at 9.00 pm (EST) on Sunday, 11 October. You can also live stream it via Vh1 Website.