Bali tourist
The woman was posing for a photo on an island off Bali.Twitter/@PDChinese

In a dramatic video that has been doing the rounds on the internet, a girl standing in front of a cliff near the water on the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan can be seen knocked over by a terrifying wave. The incident happened at Devil's Tear, which is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia.

The woman was posing for a photo on an island off Bali. The footage captured shows the terrifying moment when a huge wave swept away the tourist while she was standing with her arms outstretched. The video has gone viral on Chinese social media.

Here is the footage.

Several people can be heard screaming in the video as they crawl for safety and the woman disappears from view. Meanwhile, the footage was first shared on Facebook on Friday and went quickly viral from there, according to Daily Mail.

Fortunately, the tourist survived the ordeal with minor injuries. A Bali-based Instagram page shared footage of the girl being carried by a man and receiving medical attention after the incident. Sharing the incident on Instagram as a warning, they wrote: "Please like and share this video so more people understand how dangerous it is to stand this close! Please stop and be careful! You still have an amazing view 20m from the edge."