Kristina and Angela
Kristina and AngelaFacebook/The Bad Girls Club

It is going to be a celebratory episode this week on "The Bad Girls Club," as the girls will join hands to usher in Angela's birthday. However, things don't go exactly as Angela plans, thanks to one pair of sisters who are not-so-lovingly referred to as "the rats."

Angela herself does not completely give into the celebrations, especially the barcycle ride, because she does not want to ruin her make-up. The girls did manage to make the ride fun, despite the fear that Jaz and Jamie will ruin it by getting ratchet after a few drinks.

These fears come true in the pub, where the celebrations will continue. From the beginning Jaz makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with the celebrations. It should come as no surprise, considering she has never been a fan of the Babicz sister.

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However, she decides to have fun as long as it lasts, all the while hoping that the birthday s----. At the pub new girls Hanan and Susu create some problems for the birthday girl. However, they reason that Angela is a hater because she is way too ugly. Jaz agrees with Susu and edges her on at the club.

"Susu and Hanan like bang bang... like... they've got bodies and they've got personalities. Angela is ugly. She's insecure and she's already hating... so, I just wanna see what's gonna happen, [sic]" Jaz explains to the cameras.

The arguments get out of hand and a disheartened Angela decides to go to a hotel room alone. Her sister Kristina decides to join her, despite Angela reassuring her that she doesn't have to.

The silver lining in all this is that Angela and Kristina have made a lot of progress as sisters in their "BGC" journey. Kristina not only arranged a whole day of celebrations for her sister, she also made sure she wasn't alone during her lowest of lows.

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