Diamond and Olivia from Season 15 of "Bad Girls Club"
Diamond and Olivia from Season 15 of "Bad Girls Club"Facebook/Bad Girls Club

The truth about Olivia's sickness and her relationship with Diamond will be revealed in Season 15 episode 3 of "Bad Girls Club." The upcoming episode will also see the arrival of new sisters in the house.

As fans know, the twins were evicted from the house by the rest of the girls and in the coming episode, their replacement sisters will arrive. The girls in the house welcome the new girls with a prank and unfortunately it goes a bit too far. Hopefully the prank will not have the girls running far away from the house.

Season 15 episode 3 of "Bad Girls Club" will also see the girls questioning Olivia about her state of health. She had told her housemates that she has been diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer. However, the cast is not buying that story anymore, and will gang up against Diamond and ask her to reveal the truth about her so-called sister Olivia.

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The fact that Olivia's story shifted from "the doctors told me I have stage 3 cervical cancer" to "I had an abnormal pap and they told me to consult an oncologist but I never did," proves that she has not been honest with her fellow cast mates. Moreover, when she was informed in the previous episode that she does not in fact have cancer she was calm and collected. This surely proves that cancer story was a premeditated lie.

The lesbian half-sisters had seemed shady from the beginning and their relationship as sisters too is questionable. The girls were all over each other in the club and spend quite a bit of time alone with each other in the bedroom. Clearly these two women had lied about being sisters to get on "Bad Girls Club" and are doing a terrible job at keeping their secret.

Watch Season 15 episode 3 of "Bad Girls Club" at 8 p.m. (EST) Tuesday, March 29. You can also live-stream the episode via Oxygen website.