Bad Girls Club Season 15 finale
Bad Girls Club Season 15 finaleFacebook/Bad Girls Club

"Bad Girls Club" Season 15 is coming to an end with the upcoming finale episode "Five Dollar Farewell." Kristina learns the truth about the money-ripper and she makes them pay in this drama-filled season finale of "Twisted Sisters."

Fans had seen Susu rip apart five dollars that belonged to Kristina in one of the earlier episodes and after Kristina herself learns this news, she fights the new girls and gets them thrown out. While there are a set of fans that say Kristina should have let go after Hanan said she would pay her back, another group wants Susu to be punished for committing the federal offence of ripping money.

In the end, it was proved that replacements cannot really take over the house, no matter how popular they are. Regardless, Hanan and Susu will only be absent from the finale episode, and in all probability they will return for the reunion episodes. Their departure is going to mostly affect Jazmyn and Jaimee, who were their only allies in the house.

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"Five Dollar Farewell" will, however, see the girls having a little fun together after getting a surprise mariachi band performance in the foyer. We even see Kristina and Asia dancing together to the band's music.

In fact, the finale is going to be bittersweet for all the girls, regardless of all the fights and the arguments. "Tonight is our last night going out," Ambers tells in the promo clip from the finale episode. "It's a sweet and sour feeling. Yah, I'm happy to get out of the house, I'm tired of fighting b------, I'm gonna miss partying... I'm gonna miss the limo.. My last night.. O gosh," she adds.

Here is the official synopsis for Season 15 finale of "Bad Girls Club:"

Time in the house is winding down, but it doesn't seem that anyone will be ready to make amends soon; Jazmyn and Jaimee have to learn to stand on their own two feet after losing their only allies in the house.

Don't forget to watch "Bad Girls Club" Season 15 episode 10 "Five Dollar Farewell," which will be aired at 8 p.m. (EST) via Oxygen on Tuesday, May 17.