Seventeen beautiful women are competing with each other for the affection of "The Bachelor" Ben Higgins in season 20 episode 3 of the ABC reality show. Despite LS realising in the previous episode that "The Bachelor" may not be her cup of tea, the rest of the bachelorettes are still very much in the game.

In the upcoming episode, Lauren B, who received a photo from Ben in episode 2, will get to go on a one-on-one date with him. The duo will fly in a bi-plane that whisks them off to a secluded, romantic location decorated with a hot tub. The romantic date that brings Ben and Lauren B closer, will end with a lovely dinner together and a private performance by Lucy Angel, one of Ben's favourite bands.

After the relaxing one-one-one, Ben will have to face a group of the women intensely vying for his heart in a group date. The women are all desperate for some alone-time with him, and some have already started thinking of Ben as their husband.

In the promo, voice over of the bachelorettes vary from, "I wanna marry Ben Higgin.. He is my man at this point" to "It is a really hard situation.. Just sucks, having to watch him with other girls". Tensions are running high, and this week's group date is definitely going to be an intense one.

Meanwhile, in the "competition" bit of the episode, the women will be seen battling it out in the soccer field, having graduated from the classroom shenanigans of episode 2. Amid all the fun, laughter and drama, Ben may have to deal with some serious issues after he receives a "tragic news" from home.

Watch out for season 20 episode 3 of "The Bachelor", which will be aired at 8 pm (EST) on Monday, 18 January. You can also live stream "Week 3" via ABC Go!