There are only eight more contestants left on "Asia's Next Top Model" and there's a certain thrill and excitement to see who wins Cycle 4. In the latest instalment of the reality show, the top eight take part in a difficult photo shoot directed by Yu Tsai.

[Spoiler Alert]

Last week, the contestants were part of New York Fashion Week-inspired photo shoot. The models were given several props to accentuate the pictures. However, some of them ended up looking quite awkward with them. The judges found Tuti's pose ill-at-ease and although she didn't get eliminated, her contemporary Jessica did. The model hopeful was booted out of the competition in episode 5 for striking a pose that was outdated and bland.

When the upcoming instalment airs, the remaining contestants will grow another layer of skin because Yu Tsai is on an edge. The photographer, who is known for being tough, embraces his true personality when the models get ready for a photo shoot on a boat. While most of them adjust to his quirks, Angie seems to have a difficult time doing so.

He has a war of words with her because he finds her a bit clumsy. He shouts at her for not giving it her all. In the promo, Yu Tsai says that he's done with her.

Angie may have failed to impress Yu Tsai in episode 6, but it remains to be seen if Julian is also in trouble. The model from Philippines failed to impress judges last week and was among the bottom two in episode 5. Will this week be better for her?

It certainly appears so. The model looks stunning in the photo shoot on the boat. She also looks like a professional model in another behind-the scenes picture released on "Asia's Next Top Model" Facebook page. She may just emerge as the winner in this episode. 

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"Asia's Next Top Model" Cycle 4 episode 6 airs 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 13, on Star World Asia. The show will air at 8 p.m. in Vietnam (VN), Thailand (BKK) and Indonesia (JKT).