The cast of "Asia's Next Top Model" has shrunk significantly. Now, only four contestants remain in the competition and unfortunately, one of them will be eliminated at the end of Cycle 4 episode 11. Who will it be? The judges reveal some spoilers.

In the upcoming episode of the reality TV show, the top four models will be part of yet another editorial photo shoot. However, before this can take place, the girls have to exhibit their photography skills in what seems to be a bizarre challenge.

The promo video for episode 11 captures the top 4 prancing around the cityscape. Interestingly, the contestants will be divided into pairs of two and each of them will be the other model's photographer.

Sang In and Julian look a bit perplexed, whereas Tawan and Patricia wear big smiles. Tawan's confidence shines in this challenge. Is her relaxed demeanour an indication that her team will have an advantage? This remains to be seen. However, the contestants' next task, the editorial photo shoot also doesn't seem to bring good news for team Julian and Sang In.

In the preview clip, Yu Tsai loses his patience (again) with one of the contestants. Surprisingly, his anger is directed at Sang In, the top contender of this year's "Asia's Next Top Model." The fashion photographer tells her, "You're making me sweat. This shouldn't be so hard."

Although this criticism is powerful enough to scare contestants, it should be noted that Sang In has proved to be an exceptionally talented model. She is the first to win three challenges and might just pull through in the face of Yu Tsai's tough talk. However, her teammate might be the one eliminated in episode 11.

Julian has had her ups and down in Cycle 4, but it seems like this might be her last episode. Through most of episode 11, she looks blank, embracing two expressions that the judges have a particular distaste for. In the promo, Cindy Bishop even asks Julian, "Do you feel that you deserve a place in the top three of this cycle?"

Who do you think will be eliminated? Who will make it to the top 3 and who will be this season's winner? Let us know in the comments section.

"Asia's Next Top Model" Cycle 4 episode 11 airs at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11 on Star World Asia. The show will air at 8 p.m. in Vietnam (VN), Thailand (BKK) and Indonesia (JKT). You can stream the previous episodes online here.