There is absolutely no love lost between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho, and it was clear as day at the end of the Arsenal vs Chelsea Community Shield match, with both the managers completely ignoring each other when it came to the handshakes.

After the trophy presentation, Mourinho, who looked like all he wanted to do was go home and have a moan about the 1-0 loss to Arsenal, shook the hands of every single Arsenal player before coolly turning around just as Wenger, who had absolutely no plans of shaking the Portuguese's hand either, walked past him.

The snub, clearly from both, was just an affirmation of the difficult relationship that the two have, with Mourinho's "specialist in failure" comment from last season clearly still rankling the Arsenal manager.

"We live in a job where you have to respect people and respect everybody," Wenger said after the 1-0 win over Chelsea thanks to a brilliant Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain goal. "It's a difficult job and we just think it's vital -- and I've said this many times in managers' meetings -- that managers respect each other."

There might be respect somewhere deep down inside between the two manager's but right now, at the fore, it is still a little tetchy, to say the least.

With Arsenal beating Chelsea, the defending Premier League champions, in this Community Shield match, expect the next encounter between the two London clubs to be a particularly tasty one as well, and no doubt the two managers, Mourinho in particular, will come out all guns blazing with the mind games again.

Here is the Video of the handshake snub