Tyra Banks and her squad are back with a new episode of "America's Next Top Model" and along with it comes a lot of drama, some tough challenges and back-breaking poses that models have to perfect.

In cycle 22, episode 9 titled, "Guy or Girl Who Came Back Trailer", this season's eliminated contestants have another fair shot at making it back to the competition.

The promo reveals that the top seven, who have earned their place on the show, are shocked to see old contestants return. Lacey, who's been on a winning streak, is excited and surprised to see all of them. However, the promo captures Devin's frustration at seeing Bello back on "America's Next Top Model."

We reported earlier that the eliminated contestants and the top seven ones will battle it out by taking part in a photoshoot. At the end of the challenge, a participant from the top seven will be replaced by someone who was eliminated earlier.

The newest preview clip for episode 9 offers a sneak peek into what eliminated contestants did after they left the show. While some of them hit the beach and binged on food, others revealed that they've focused on what they did wrong and hinted that it was a period of introspection.

One contestant who seems to have internalised judges' words is Bello. In the promo, the Los Angeles based model said that he's determined to win his place in the competition, and might just be back.

"America's Next Top Model" airs on Friday, 2 October at 9pm on The CW. You can live stream the show via CWINGO.