For viewers, the last few episodes of "America's Next Top Model" cycle 22 marked the end of an era, well almost. Tyra Banks will no longer host the reality show for model hopefuls, and with this, fans are left with re-runs whenever they are aired on TV.

Nevertheless, for now, we have three more episodes to be hooked onto. The top four contestants, Lacey, Mame, Nyle and Mikey will battle it out to become the country's next top model, albeit in a television show.

In the previous episode, Devin was eliminated by the judges. Tyra Banks and the rest of the team gave their feedback and asked the model hopeful to relax his facial muscles.

The promo for cycle 22 episode 14 suggests that the contestants will take part in a photo shoot with their parent. All of them seem extremely excited to see their mom. Mikey says, "My mom is the most beautiful woman." This photo shoot will be done by Tyra Banks' mother, Caroline London-Johnson.

The upcoming episode will also capture a photo shoot for Nylon Magazine's mock cover. In the clip, the judges don't seem too happy with Lacey. Although she leads the current table, with 34.4 points, her performance hasn't been consistent, and this is evident in the promo.

Furthermore, Mikey, who has performed surprisingly well in the past few episodes, seems to have won Tyra's treat and will spend more time with guest star, Chrissy Teigan.

"America's Next Top Model" cycle 22, episode 14 titled, "The Guy who was a Momma's Boy" airs on Friday, 13 November at 9pm on The CW. You can live stream the episode via CWINGO.

Watch the promo for cycle 22 episode 14 here: