For the fans of Tyra Banks' reality TV show "America's Next Top Model", the end is near. Cycle 22 will remain the last season, and with it, all the drama, hopes and dreams of model hopefuls will come to and end. Well, on television at least. 

In episode 12, the audience witnessed Hadassah's exit from the show. The paegent model was eliminated on account of her poor performance, which only showed some sign of resurgance when she was in the background during Mamé's photoshoot. 

Now, only five contestants, including Lacey, Mamé, Devin, Mikey and Nyle remain. And, they will take part in what seems to be two very difficult challenges. 

In episode 13, titled "The Girl Who Took a Shot in the Dark", the contestants will have to create their own brand and sell it to Tyra Banks and the rest of the judges. After this, they will take part in a photo shoot that will takes place in the dark.

In the promo for episode 12, Yu Tsai says to a confused party of five: "You're going to turn fear into fashion." In the clip, model hopefuls have to pose on a narrow stool and part of the challenge requires them to remain standing on the elevated platform. 

However, most contestants, especially Devin, struggle. Yu Tsai remains unimpressed as Devin falls off the stool. This does spell bad luck for him. In the previous episode, Devin was called a "one trick pony" and the judges felt that he doesn't use his facial expressions much. 

Another contestant who does not look very comfortable is Nyle. He finds it difficult to move his body as the platform doesn't give him enough space. In the promo, he says, "This isn't working. I can't afford to screw this up." 

Perhaps his statement also signals his unimpressive performance in the first task. 

Who do you think will end up in the bottom 2 this week? Let us know your answers in the comments section below. 

"America's Next Top Model" cycle 22 episode 13, titled "The Guy Who Shot in the Dark", airs on Friday, 6 November, at 9 pm. You can live stream the episode online via CWINGO

Watch the promo for episode 13 here: