Last week's episode was intimate, endearing and mostly fun. Episode 11 of "America's Next Top Model" captured and replayed some behind-the-scenes action to fans. Amid a lot of parties, flirtation and gossip, fans got a chance to know the contestants personally. Episode 11 also revealed Mikey's flirtatious side. However, this week's episode will focus on the competition and the contestants' skill.

In "America's Next Top Model" cycle 22, episode 12 titled "The Guy who closed the deal in Vegas" will focus on a photo-shoot with Miss J. This is the first surprise that the cast of the reality show is privy to. Later on, they are told that they will do a fake issue with Miss J. 

This would turn out to be a learning experience for the contestants, especially for Lacey. In the promo for episode 12, she says, "Miss J is just fabulous and intimidating." The description of her role couldn't be more fitting. Scenes from the promo capture Miss J as she dons several roles, of a toddler, a diva and more. 

The six remaining contestants, Lacey, Devin, Mame, Hadassah, Nyle and Mikey, will have to strike their best pose to win the photo-shoot, which will be judged by Miss J. 

TV Guide's synopsis of Episode 12 reads: "An overconfident model loses focus and fails to impress during a challenge in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, one model becomes more focused on romance than winning the competition."

Last week's scores revealed that the top three pairs are Mikey and Lacey; Mikey and Mame and Dvein and Hadassah. 

However, will Mikey's over-confidence betray him in episode 12?

"America's Next Top Model" cycle 22 episode 12 airs on Friday, 30 October at 9pm on The CW. You can live stream the episode via CWINGO.