The Live Show for Season 11 of "America's Got Talent" will be aired on Tuesday, July 26, and fans will get a chance to see twelve of top 33 contestants perform one last time before they are sent off the semifinals.

From musicians and dancers to contortionists and magicians there is a huge diversity in this year's Live Show contestants and Americans are going to have to fight really hard for their choice contestants by voting benevolently. The Live Shows, which will determine the contestants that are pushed through to the semifinals, will be aired at 8 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, July 26. You can also live-stream it via NBC Live

Check out all the contestants that will be performing in the Live Shows of "America's Got Talent" below. 

For the most fourth and final segment of AGT Judge Cuts following acts got through:

  1. Victor Kee, 45, theatrical juggler
  2. Thommy and Amelie Clairvoyants, Austrian couple, magicians
  3. ThroWings, couple, acrobats
  4. Sos and Victoria Petrosyan, German couple, magicians
  5. Outlawz, male dance group
  6. Musicality, choir group
  7. Jayna Brown, 14, singer (golden buzzer from One Direction's Louis Tomlinson)

For the third round of Judge Cuts, the following got the AGT judges' nod:

  1. Daniel Joyner, 17, singer
  2. Brian Justin Crum, 28, singer
  3. Tape Face, mute/unnamed performer
  4. Ryan Stock and AmberLynn, duo performers
  5. Blake Vogt, 27, magician
  6. Alla and Daniel, mother-and-son dance duo
  7. Malevo, male dance group (golden buzzer from comedian George Lopez)

For the second segment of Judge Cuts, the AGT judges gave the following acts their approval:

  1. Julia Scotti, 63, comedian
  2. Kadan Bart Rockett, magician, 10
  3. Deadly Games, couple, Las Vegas performers
  4. Vello Vaher, 52, contortionist
  5. Moya Angela, 32, singer
  6. Kadie Lynn, 12, singer
  7. Sofie Dossi, 14, contortionist (golden buzzer from Country singer Reba McEntire)

For the first round of Judge Cuts, the AGT judges chose the following acts:

  1. Ronee Martin, 62, singer
  2. The Passing Zone, duo, jugglers
  3. Lori Mae Hernandez, 13, comedian
  4. Hiroki Hara, magician-illusionist
  5. Linkin Bridge, acapella singers
  6. Edgar, family band
  7. Jon Dorenbos, 35, magician (golden buzzer from R&B singer Ne-Yo)

The following contestants earned the most coveted golden buzzer from the AGT judges and host:

  1. Laura Bretan, 13, opera singer (Mel B)
  2. Grace VanderWaal, 12, singer-songwriter (Howie Mandel)
  3. Sal Valentinetti, 20, singer (Heidi Klum)
  4. Rachel Plattens, 16, singer (Simon Cowell)
  5. Dorothy Williams, 90, dancer (Nick Cannons)