"American Horror Story: Hotel" fans will get an opportunity to delve deeper into The Countess' back story in the upcoming episode, titled "Flicker".

According to the official synopsis for the episode, Lady Gaga's 'The Countess' will learn the fate of her first love in Wednesday's episode. The viewers will also get to see how she got the blood virus and what her relationship with Mr. March is.

Also, the viewers will see Will Drake's renovations uncovering a great secret and John undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Last week's episode of the horror drama gave the viewers a glimpse into The Countess' true nature when she killed off Tristan after learning that he was cheating on her with the hotel's bartender Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare).

In an interview with MTV News, O'Hare said that the latest development will alter the nature of his relationship with The Countess. "You know, I think things are going to get frosty," O'Hare teased. "There's definitely some stuff coming down the pike. I have a couple little scenes with her where Liz is just sort of done. She's snapping more, she's less patient, and she's just… taking no prisoners. We're shooting episode 10 right now; there's some really, really intense stuff in it."

Meanwhile, Gaga opened up about her character to Variety, saying all that The Countess wants is to be loved.

"[The Countess] wants everyone in this hotel to love her for who she really is, cunning or not," she said. "Cunning, evil - she feels that they're all here in this triumph of the hotel because of her. And she keeps them together and she wants to be rewarded for that, for who she really is, and not for anything else."

"American Horror Story: Hotel" episode 7 will be aired on FX on Wednesday, 18 November. Click here to watch the episode online.