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In the compelling finale of "American Crime" Season 2, closure or the idea of it will be explored. Taylor Blaine's (Connor Jessup) decision will affect all that in Indianapolis community.

Last week's episode of the crime drama included some important scenes involving Taylor and his ex-girlfriend, Evy Dominguez (Angelique Rivera). She told him to recount the entire sequence of episodes that took place on the night of the party. Although he expressed his disinterest, Evy asked him to believe in himself.

Episode 9 also depicted the tension and anxiety that filled the Sullivan household. Coach Dan (Timothy Hutton) and his wife tried desperately to save their daughter, Becca, and Steph Sullivan (Hope Davis) even made a veiled threat to Anne Taylor (Lili Taylor) when she said that Becca would testify against her son in court. This wasn't the most distressing scene though. Sebastian's self-gloating and his promise to expose more documents was cringe-worthy, and one that could perhaps damage Taylor's case further.

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In the Season 2 finale, Taylor will speak to his lawyer and mom about his upcoming trial. In the promo, the two women inform him about the new development in his case. His ex-schoolmate Eric Tanner (Joey Pollari) is ready to testify against Kevin (Trevor Jackson) and the rest of the players in court.

As his lawyer delivers this piece of information, Taylor, who is apathetic to his own situation asks if Eric's testimony will get him acquitted. The attorney's response will not elicit any reaction from Taylor. The teenager goes on to say that he wants to cut a plea deal.

While Anne looks shocked, his lawyer says that he would serve "maybe 10 years, five served with supervision, but that's a guess. They're trying you as an adult."

Later, he tells his mother, "I don't want a trial. I want to plead guilty." If he doesn't go to trial, those guilty of the crimes against Taylor will perhaps never be incriminated. Can Anne change his perspective? This remains to be seen.

Showrunner John Ridley told in an interview to TV Line, "We are moving toward a sense of justice. People tend to get what they deserve, but what's deserved differs for each individual."

"American Crime" Season 2 Episode 10 will be aired on Wednesday, March 9, at 9 p.m. on ABC. You can live-stream the episode via ABC GO.