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For fans of ABC's TV series "American Crime", Taylor Blaine's (Connor Jessup) alleged sexual assault remains a mystery. It isn't yet clear if the encounter was consensual or forced. The show is not likely to reveal the details until the end, but a sub-plot of "American Crime" Season 2 will be the focus of the latest instalment, Episode 7.

Since the show's Season 2 premiere, Taylor's abandonment has been always been hinted at. Fans will remember the teenager lived with another couple — Nate and Patty — while his mom Anne (Lili Taylor) was away for a year. Although the reason for Taylor's abandonment has not been revealed, the show will delve into Anne's life and spill the beans on her past.

According to the synopsis released on TV Guide: "Anne's medical history is made public by an anonymous online poster in an effort to shame her."

This public derision torments the Blaines, who find themselves attacked by those with power. In the promo, Taylor and Anne cling to each other for support. The promo also includes a scene in which the teenager walks out of the house with a gun.

Jessup, in an interview with TV Line, said Episode 7 would depict his character's transformation from that of a scared and anxious teenager to a strong man. The actor added that Taylor would try to assert his power on those who've wronged him in Leyland High.

Does this mean Kevin LaCroix's (Trevor Jackson) life might be in danger?

Season 2 Episode 7's synopsis reads:

Anne's medical history is made public by an anonymous online poster in an effort to shame her, prompting Sebastian to reach out to her again. Meanwhile, Taylor's emotional state continues to deteriorate to a level from which he may not recover; Evy's father receives a settlement offer from Leslie; and Eric turns to a stranger for comfort.

"American Crime" Season 2 Episode 7 airs on Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 10 p.m. on ABC. You can live-stream the episode via ABC GO.

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