The truth about Taylor, a teenage African-American high school student, who gets raped by a group of boys, may not be revealed until the end of "American Crime" season 2. The TV series, which explores crime with dimensions of race, class and gender, is a gripping narrative about life in 21st century America.

While Taylor's mother Anne (Lili Taylor) worries about the lack of adequate support from authorities, her son clams up, embarrassed and traumatised by the events that have taken place so far. Both of them don't help the cause and in a criminal justice system that's stunted, justice may not be served. This is will be the crux of season 2 episode 3.

In last week's episode, the police respond to Anne's 911 call and remain sceptical about solving a case that involves the rape of a young boy committed by other young boys. In their mind, this kind of crime simply does not take place. Elsewhere, principal Leslie (Felicity Huffman) makes an example of her zero tolerance towards abuse and asks coach Dan to suspend Eric (Joey Pollari), one of the two Basketball captains. Bereft of real support, Anne talks to a journalist and engages in a debate about the criminal justice system. This is where the upcoming episode will begin from.

In season 2 episode 3, the town reads the story that's printed in the local newspaper. Furthermore, the town looks at Kevin LaCoix (Trevor Jackson) as the guilty person after the article paints him in a certain light and the young African American teenager, son to rich parents, is questioned by his family lawyer.

In his confession, Kevin says that he did have sex with someone the night Taylor was raped, but it was with a woman. The Basketball captain also reveals that he was drunk on the night that he had intercourse with one of his classmates. The lawyer is shocked as the events unfold and tells the LaCroixs that Kevin could be arrested for being intoxicated and having sex, which may or may not have been consensual. Kevin's mother Terri (Regina King) is shocked and berates her son.

The synopsis for the upcoming episode also indicates that the police will present new evidence, which will depict the party in a murkier light. It is perhaps possible that the show will now explore not one, but two crimes that may have taken place that night.

Season 2 episode 3's synopsis reads:

"As a news article detailing the events of the Captains' party goes online, the LaCroix family has to deal with their son being publicly named as a participant, while Anne finds herself on the defensive. Evy is questioned by police and is reluctant to divulge any information."

"American Crime" season 2 episode 3 airs on Wednesday, 20 January at 10pm. You can live stream the episode via ABC GO