The ABC crime series is back with a second season and if there's an underlying theme that defines the events that take place, it is the limitations of the law enforcement officials and the criminal justice system in America. To be sure, season 2 of "American Crime" is an evocative TV show about life in the US, where race, class and gender define the socio economic and cultural milieu in the 21st century. These facets will be explored in season 2 episode 2's plot of "American Crime".

Last week's season premiere exposed the crime that takes place. Young Taylor (Connor Jessup), a scholarship student at an expensive private school (Leyland High), goes to a party and later, several photos of him in a compromising position circulate around the campus. Taylor gets suspended but his girlfriend Evy Dominguez (Angelique Rivera) tells his mother Anne that he was taken to a room by basketball players and that she found him naked later.

A distraught Anne (Lili Taylor) assumes her son was raped at the party and confronts the school administrator, Leslie, who is very unhelpful. Leslie simply says that the school will look into it, while instructing basketball coach Dan to investigate. Later, in a moment of sheer desperation, Anne informs the police of a rape on Leyland High School. 

The synopsis for season 2 episode 2 of "American Crime" states that Leslie (Felicity Huffman) and the rest of the school authorities scurry to get ready for investigation. However, it isn't likely that the school will be sincere in its efforts to find out what actually happened to Taylor, a poor teenager who cannot help the school financially in any way.

Furthermore, the upcoming episode will also capture the law enforcement officials' lack of interest in a case that involves a teenager who doesn't have the social or financial currency to establish his authority. The synopsis states that Anne will have an uphill battle to get the police to act on Taylor's case.

Elsewhere in the episode, Terry (Regina King) has an intervention with her son Kevin (Trevor Jackson). It is possible that Kevin is directly responsible or possesses information about the events that transpired on the fateful day. However, will Terry stand by the truth and let the police question her son?

"American Crime" season 2 episode 2 will be aired on Wednesday, 13 January, at 10pm on ABC. You can live stream the episode via ABC GO.

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