In the latest episode of CBS' "The Amazing Race" season 27 episode 5 titled "King of the Jungle," as the race continues in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, the teams will find it hard to decide when to use their respective U-Turn.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, the teams will finish with the previous leg of the race in Africa and move to Zimbabwe.

The last leg was a non-elimination round where the team that finished last was not subjected to elimination. However, in the upcoming leg, elimination rounds will be there and it seems Team Texas is all set to eliminate The Green Team.

We had reported earlier that as the teams left Argentina and moved to Zambia, a "Route Info" clue led them to Victoria falls where Team Texas used their "Express Pass" hoping to eliminate The Green Team.

CBS Express had mentioned that the Texans were planning to use their "Express Pass" to be the first on the "Double U-Turn" board to post Justin and Diana's photo in order to eliminate them.

As reported by Carter Matt, the teams were excited about the journey to Victoria Falls while some of the contestants planned for "Double U-Turn" event.

Earlier, Christian Post had reported that Team Texas was planning to eliminate The Green Team's Justin and Diana because some of the contestants perceived them as loud and obnoxious.

Besides, Team Dancers' Earnest and Jin were eliminated after they finished last and failed to catch the bus to the rural town of San Antanio de Areco in Argentina, due to which they were not able to catch up with the other teams.

With teams getting out of the race rapidly, it seems we will get to know the winner sooner than latter.