The upcoming episode of CBS's "The Amazing Race" titled "Where My Dogs At?" will see Justin and Diana performing below the team's expectations while Tanner and Josh have openly expressed their disappointment and want Justin and Diana out of the race.

As the teams head to Argentina, it seems The Green Team is getting distracted often and though they have done fine in most of the tasks till now, they are not doing well enough with the social games. The other members are surely not very happy with it.

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On the other hand, Team Texas has Express Pass which they got as a result of winning the last race. However, if they ever have to use their part of it, they will have to give the other part to another member of a different team.

According to Carter Matt, both Tanner and Josh from Team Texas have promised that should they need to use the Pass in the future, they will give it to the team which will decide to choose U-Turn. By doing so, they will avoid getting a U-Turn for themselves and will also prevent other possible threats that may arise soon.

In the previous episode titled "Get in There and Think Like a Dog," the teams travelled to Buenos Aires where they had to collect 100 kilograms of cardboard and afterwards, deliver it to the collection truck.

Another task waited for them in Fletero where they had to transport a statue in a truck to the other side of the town without breaking any part of it.

According to the current status, it seems Team Texas is all set to leave the other teams behind with a significant gap. However, one thing on which they may have to work is their temper; in the previous races, participants have lost events due to their ill temperament. Hence, if Josh and Tanner would take care of it, chances are solid for them to lead the race.