The second episode of CBS' "The Amazing Race" season 27 titled "Get in There and Think Like a Dog" will see the teams continuing the race to Buenos Aires in Argentina.

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The first leg of each season of "The Amazing Race" sets the tone for the whole season as the strong teams emerge as early leaders while the vulnerabilities of the weaker ones get exposed.

As reported by Gold Derby, the winners of this season's first leg, Tanner and Josh (Team Texas), proved they are not the ones to be taken lightly and are surely a big threat to other teams. They won the controversial "Express Pass" that gave them the chance to skip any one task during the race before passing it off to the other team.

Given that they can use the pass by the end of the 5th leg means that they have a very strong chance of remaining at the top for a long time and will get plenty of opportunities to beat the other teams.

However, it is not that the first leg winners go on to win the entire season necessarily. Last time, it happened four years ago on season 20 and only five other teams have achieved the final win before that. It proves that "The Amazing Race" is highly unpredictable. 

In fact, in the previous leg titled "A Little Too Much Beefcake," Tanner and Josh initially didn't perform as well as they did in the later events. In the first challenge, when teams were tasked with peddling water bikes, both of them quickly fell behind and were the last to grab their plane tickets from Phil (show's host).

Even though their confidence was diminished after this blunder, Team Texas kept patience and their ability to come from behind and win the first leg has surely boosted up their confidence positively.

Is Team Texas all set to continue overcoming the hurdles and maintain their status as the leading winners or will they become one of those many early leg winners who never made it to the last?