The first episode of "The Amazing Race" season 27 titled "A Little Too Much Beefcake" is all set to be aired and long-time friends Tiffany and Krista have their eyes on the grand prize of $1 million.

Both Krista and Tiffany, former cheerleaders for the New York Jets, know that most of the other teams are going to look at them and think they are out of competition. However, that is exactly why they want to be on the show.

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In an interview with CBS, they said that they want the other teams to underestimate them as no one else knows what both of them went through during their seasons as cheerleaders. It will allow them to surprise the others with their performance.

"Even in the NFL, we would have to rehearsal in full hair and makeup just to practice having all that stuff on for a game. If it's raining or if it's snowing, if it's hot, cold, you have to be prepared for anything," Tiffany said.

Krista further added, "And just because you look for a certain way doesn't mean anything. And that's why I'd rather a team think that, like, 'Well look at them, they are too busy doing their lipstick,' or whatever.

"But when it comes to down to it, we are going to be just like everyone else, and get down and dirty, more down and dirty than anybody here."

The two also mentioned that the one thing that prepared them for what is ahead is their career that required them to go through training camp.

"A lot of people don't know that to be an NFL cheerleader we have to go through training camp which prepares us for the season," Tiffany said, "So we work from spring, summer, and by the fall, we are ready to start the season so we are physically and mentally prepared for this."

Both Tiffany and Krista will compete against 10 teams of two that includes TMZ employees Kelly Berning and Shevonne Sullivan in the upcoming season of "The Amazing Race."