What new challenges await the teams in the upcoming leg of the race?
What new challenges await the teams in the upcoming leg of the race?Facebook / The Amazing Race Canada

Fans of CTV's "The Amazing Race Canada" Season 4 have been waiting to watch the U-Turn task since Season 4 commenced, and it seems they will finally get to watch the contestants getting through the U-Turn in the upcoming episode, titled "I Could Be Prime Minister."

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The teams will face the U-Turn challenge in Kingston, Ontario, where the next leg of the race is supposed to take place. Episode 7 is undoubtedly going to be fascinating as there are only a few teams remaining now and it will be interesting to watch which of them will give a tough competition to the others.

Until now, Steph & Kristen are the top contenders and fan favourites too. Besides leading the race, they also have an advantage over the other teams as they have got the Express Pass that they haven't used yet, saving it for the most crucial moment.

With all the other teams tailing Steph & Kristen, they will have to make sure that they stay ahead in the upcoming leg and have to be careful with the tasks too. In the previous races, last-moment mistakes have cost the winning teams, and Steph & Kristen have to make sure that it doesn't happen with them.

One of the teams that can give a tough fight to Steph & Kristen in the U-Turn challenge is Jillian & Emmett, who are known for their physical dominance over the other teams and have been closely following Steph & Kristen.

If Jillian & Emmett beat Steph & Kristen at the U-Turn, the latter won't be left with any option other than using their Express Pass. However, doing so will mean that they will have to complete the further legs of the race without any safeguard and hence, their chances of winning the race will significantly come down.