In the final episode of CBS' "The Amazing Race" season 27 titled "We Got a Chance, Baby!", the final teams will head to New York where the winner will be declared.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, the final three teams race to Long Island, New York, where, after five continents, 10 countries and more than 34,000 miles, one will be crowned the winner and awarded the $1 million prize.

As mentioned by Carter Matt, Chris and Logan's Team Paparazzi is the top contender to win the race. Though their relationship soured during the course of the season, it seems that they are finally back in good terms.

The website stated that The Reporters, Kelsey and Joey faced some problems to reach the destination in the previous episode as someone stole their cab. Hence, Chris and Logan left them behind.

Reality Fan Forum has mentioned that the teams will head to the final destination, which is located in New York City. They are instructed to visit FDNY Training Facility in Randall's Island, where they might face a Road Block challenge.

The next route info will direct the teams to go to the Belmont Park, where they have to undergo a task that involves horses.

Another task will consist of the teams riding a helicopter and flying to South Fork, Long Island, where they will visit a place with dune buggies and later another one with jet skis.

It seems that there will be more number of tasks than usual before the winner is declared.

The last task will require the teams to take a memory challenge before heading to 1620 Meadow Lane, where host Phil Keoghan will declare the winners.