Watch: Alien spacecraft in Antarctica? Theory claims Nazi UFO site buried under Antarctic ice. [Representational image]Creative Commons

It is a well-known fact that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party were heavily into researching supernatural as well as extraterrestrial phenomena, objects and locations. And now, if a new theory is to be believed, they may have even had a secret UFO site buried deep under the Antarctic ice — whose evidence has been possibly detected by two satellites that were measuring gravity in different parts of Earth. 

According to a video posted on YouTube by conspiracy theorist channel "secureteam10," a mass of land hidden beneath the Antarctic ice could well be the site of a secret base the Nazis built during World War II, and something that the Americans encountered during "Operation Highjump."

Although the operation's stated purpose was to establish the Antarctic colony Little America, many believe it was to investigate Nazi UFO bases in Antarctica. Now, it has been reported that secret Nazi bases have been discovered in the Arctic. This video, however, explores the possibility of a Nazi UFO site under Antarctica, in a region hundreds of kilometres across, known as Wilkes Land. 

The video says the gravity in this part of the Antarctic ice shelf is much higher than in any other part, and rules out any volcanic eruption. It then goes on to add that this could be a secret Nazi UFO base: "There is some evidence of this coming to light in recent years, with images purporting to show various entrances built into the side of mountains, with a saucer shape and at a very high altitude. This begs the question: How would you enter these entrances without something that could fly and was the same shape as the hole itself?"

What's more, it quotes the leader of the aforementioned Operation Highjump has saying that his fleet was attacked by what seemed like UFOs. He is also quoted as saying that this threat was much more dire than that posed by Russia, and that these opponents could attack North and South America any time, and at will. 

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