Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases across the country so far. Bollywood too has been hit by the virus in more ways than one. Many actors and their relatives are also battling Coronavirus. Now, Karan Johar's staff members have also tested positive for the virus. 

Following two staff members testing positive for the Coronavirus, Karan Johar has said that they will be following all the precautions and guidelines. Today, a video was being circulated of Karan Johar's mother undergoing sanitisation processes at home.

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Karan Johar's mother undergoes a rigorous sanitisation process at home

Bollywood has been combatting coronavirus in its own way. Now the virus has reached the industry in a big way. Recently, the T-series office had reported 3 cases of the virus, followed by Janhvi Kapoor's staff also testing positive for the deadly virus. Now, 2 members of Karan Johar's staff have also tested positive for the virus. 

After the news broke about the two staff members testing positive for COVID-19, the actor took to Instagram to clear the air and let everybody know that the necessary precautions were being taken and that the family is safe and has tested negative following swab tests that were done. Unfortunately, the news broke on Karan Johar's birthday.

Karan Johar statement

Now, a new video of Karan Johar's mother undergoing the sanitization process is making its way around the internet. She is seen being guided by a professional as a disinfectant is being sprayed. The BMC was informed immediately when the news arrived, and the entire building was fumigated.