The wait is finally over for the fans of Showtime's hit drama series, "The Affair." The TV show, which explores human relationships, has a murder at the crux of its plot and season 2 will delve deeper into the death of Scotty Lockhart.

While season 1 was primarily narrated by lovers Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson), the new season will see two new characters' perspective of the events that led up to Scotty's death. Noah's ex wife Helen (Maura Tierney) and Alison's ex husband Cole (Joshua Jackson) will lend their version of the story in addition to their ex spouses, making the plot complex and intriguing.

Actress Maura Tierney teased that her character will unravel under the stress of divorce, her job and life as a single mother. In the trailer, she tells Noah, "I don't want her [Alison] anywhere near my kids." To which Noah replies, "You may not get to have everything you want, Helen."

Tierney said, "From Noah's point of view, I'm much colder, much more condescending."

While Noah, estranged from his family, tries to seek comfort in his relationship with Alison, he finds that there is none to seek. The lonely couple, huddled in a New York hideway, begins to discover their differences and Alison tries to explore who she really is and becomes distant with Noah.

At one point in the trailer, she tells Noah, "You cannot control me like one of the characters in your book."

Fans can expect to see an emotionally charged season 2. The plot will reveal the guilt, ego, secrecy and lies- the whole spectrum of emotions that exist in relationships, and use that to uncover a murder that has taken place.

As Tierney said, "The truth is suspect."

"The Affair" season 2 episode 1 premiers on Sunday, 4 October at 10pm EDT on Showtime. You can live stream the episode via Showtime Live.

Watch the trailer here: