If Noah's (Dominic West) love for Alison has been wavering, the latest episode of "The Affair" will make him question his feelings for her. So far, the two have had a rocky beginning, with Noah basking in the success of his new book "Descent" and his girlfriend left all alone and lonely in New York, a city she is unfamiliar with. 

In Season 2 Episode 9, Alison goes into early labour and tries to get in touch with Noah, but he doesn't answer her calls. Reason? The New York-based writer is seen getting cosy with another woman at a party. Although Noah tells her he needs to go home, she asks him to stay with her and it appears he does, because the city is hit by a storm and Noah is caught in it. 

Meanwhile, Alison gets herself admitted to hospital and the nurse tells her she's about to deliver a baby that very same night. She asks Alison if there's anyone she'd like to get in touch with. But it might be a while before Noah can get to the hospital, and may not make it in time. In the promo, she is seen giving birth all by herself. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Noah's ex-wife Helen (Maura Tierney) finds a new love interest: Vic (Omar Metwally). He lands up and asks her out on a date, but she is still weary of relationships. Helen says: "What is a date really? It's just an interview for sex." 

Episode 9's synopsis reads: 

"Alison weathers a momentous journey alone; Helen receives unexpected attention from a sexy but exasperating source; Noah faces a terrible reckoning; Cole is pushed to the edge by an array of challenges."

"The Affair" Season 2 Episode 8 airs on Sunday, 29 November at 10 pm on Showtime. You can live stream the episode via SHO

Watch the promo below: