This week's episode will test Alison (Ruth Wilson) and Noah's (Dominic West) perspectives on how their relationship started. Fans of the show would remember that the New York-based writer described Alison in sexual overtones to the cops in Season 1. And as the plot in the new season unfolds, we learn it is this image which colours his description of Alison in his book, "Descent."

Although Noah may have received praise and critical acclaim for writing about a relationship that emerges out of infidelity, lies and passionate sex, his girlfriend Alison isn't happy. In the previous episode, the Montauk native feels violated after reading Noah's manuscript. As expected, she was horrified when she learnt the protagonist kills his girlfriend in the book.

In Episode 7, Alison's anger erupts at a dinner with Noah's friends. When Noah's assistant talks about "Descent" and the circumstances under which Alison apparently pursued Noah, she fights back. Alison tells Noah, "You make it seem like I threw myself at you. No. He threw himself at me. And then you make me out to be some kind of psychopath. No. Nothing is sacred to you."

In another clip, a pregnant Alison asks Noah if he wants to have the baby and start a family with her. Noah, shocked and surprised, says the fictional world in "Descent" is far from his reality, and that he would want to be with Alison.

Although she caresses Noah, Alison appears to be aloof, confused and lonely in their relationship.

Episode 7 will also depict the financial troubles that surround the Lockhart family before Scotty's death. In the promo clip, the brothers have another argument about Cole's (Joshua Jackson) lack of support to the family.

Episode 7's synopsis reads: 

Alison's mother raises concerns about Noah and Alison's new lifestyle; Alison confronts Noah about his revealing new book over Thanksgiving dinner; Cole lashes out at Luisa and is further alienated from his family in the wake of startling revelations.

"The Affair" Season 2 Episode 7 airs on Sunday, 15 November at 10 pm on Showtime. You can live stream the episode via SHO.