Problems in the Solloway family continue and Noah (Dominic West) begins to doubt his relationship with Alison (Ruth Wilson). This will be the plot of "The Affair's" Season 2 Episode 5.

In the previous episode, Alison takes a train to Montauk after reading her fiancé's manuscript. Noah's new book, "Descent" details his sexual relationship with Alison. He describes her as an object of lust and eliminates the affection and love that developed between them. Alison feels violated after reading the manuscript and goes to her estranged husband, Cole's(Joshua Jackson) home. Although Cole upholds the platonic relationship between them, they end up sleeping with each other. 

The promo for the upcoming episode teases the problems that continue to confront Noah and Alison. In the clip, the New York based writer delivers the happy news that his divorce is finalised and that he will have co-custody of his children.

However, a nonchalant Alison replies, "So we're still a couple then? Well we just haven't seen each other in six weeks. I hadn't heard from you in a while and I thought you had just given up on us." 

Following this, Noah's overtures to make his fiancee happy are ignored. In another clip, he drags Alison as she cowers. Noah is told by another woman, "You fell in love with her darkness. Now that she's stepping into the light, you feel like you're losing your hold on her." 

Although it isn't clear why Noah displays this level of violence, it is probably because Alison reveals that she slept with her estranged husband in Montauk

Furthermore, Helen (Maura Tierney) and Noah's son, Martin, is rushed to the ER after complaining of stomach pain. Helen gets into a huge argument with her mother and says that she isn't going to fight Noah about custody. In the promo, the two are seen together while Martin rests in the hospital. 

Episode 6's synopsis, released by TV Guide reads: 

"A medical emergency with Martin casts Helen and Noah's litigation process in a new light; Helen makes a long-overdue decision; Noah is surprised when Alison wants to stay with her mother at the Sousanna Institute and realizes that the dynamics of their relationship have shifted, which leads to some troublesome discoveries."

"The Affair" Season 2, Episode 6 airs on Sunday, 8 November at 10pm on Showtime. You can live stream the episode via SHO

Watch the promos for Episode 5 here: