If Noah (Dominic West) and Alison's (Ruth Wilson) relationship survives till the end of Season 2, we would be surprised. So far, the new season of "The Affair" has depicted troubles and misfortunes that surround the newly engaged couple. In Episode 3, Noah tells Alison that he cannot live with her on account of a court order, which states that the New York based writer's fiancée cannot be near his kids. And as Season 2 unfolds, Noah and Alison will have to deal with more demons from their past. 

The promo for Episode 5 details Noah' perception of Alison in his new book, "Descent". The Montauk native chances upon Noah's manuscript and reads it, only to find reams of pages dedicated to their relationship. However, Alison feels violated as she realises that Noah's book is about lust and the sexual gratification Noah received when he started dating her. 

In the book, he describes her thus: "She was sex. The world was invented to describe her. No marriage could survive her." In Noah's words, this is his descent, predictably from his roles as a respectable father and a caring husband. 

In a separate promo clip, Alison runs towards Helen's house and asks to see Noah. However, she is met with hostility. "You have a lot of balls coming to my house," says Helen (Maura Tierney). 

We reported earlier that Episode 5 will also depict Cole's (Joshua Jackson) life after Alison leaves him. In the upcoming episode, Cole gets into a fight with Scotty when he finds out that the two are dating the same woman.

The official synopsis for Episode 5 reads: "Alison is thrown by an unpleasant shift in behavior from her Hudson Valley hosts and furious with Noah after a chance discovery about his new book. Meanwhile, Cole rejects Scotty's plan to make money for the family and enjoys an unexpected connection with someone new; and Scotty catches Cole in a situation best kept secret." 

"The Affair" Season 2 Episode 5 airs on Sunday, 1 November at 10pm on Showtime. You can live stream the episode via SHO

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