"2 Broke Girls" are returning to CBS with a brand new season on Thursday, 12 November, and they are as broke and hilarious as ever. In the coming season, we see that things are getting very serious between Oleg and Sophie, whereas the girls are still trying to keep their business afloat and sink into utter poverty.

Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) are seeking the help of their diner friends to keep their cupcake window -- and thereby business -- open. According to the official synopsis, they might need all the help they can get because the city wants to destroy the Han's (Mathew Moy) diner and Max's cupcake window may head for destruction.

Amid the ruckus, there is still reason to rejoice because Oleg (Jonathan Kite) and Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) are reportedly trying to get pregnant. It would be hilarious to watch the duo be serious about something for a change. Last season had seen their unconventional relationship go on a roller coaster ride, from dating to breaking up and getting hitched. If we know anything about them, it is that they are going to make a pair of crazily awesome parents.

Watch out for the Season 5 premiere of "2 Broke Girls" at 9.30 pm (EST) on Thursday, 12 November. You can also live stream "And the Wrecking Ball" via CBS Live.