The new chancellor of Arkadia, Pike (Michael Beach), has been making one wrong decision after another, and now, with Commander Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) dead, there is no one that protect the Skaikru from the wrath of the Grounders. Meanwhile, many fans of the show are threatening to boycott the show in defiance of Lexa's death in the previously-aired "Thirteen."

Many fans of the show who identify as LGBTQ feel that Lexa's death is in accordance with the archaic trope of killing gay and lesbian characters in major TV shows. There is even a fundraiser organised by Leskru, who identify as the united clan of LGBTQ/supporters/allies named in true Grounder honour, which demands justice from showrunner Jason Rothenberg.

The Leskru is lamenting the death of Lexa, one of the show's most prominent lesbian characters, who happened to have died merely minutes after a sexual encounter. In an open letter shared by Fandom Following and written by Kylie, one of the organisers of the fundraiser, Lexa's death is categorised as irresponsible writing that disregards the LGBTQ community.

Meanwhile, undying fans of the show have come to the defence of "The 100," saying that Lexa's death was inevitable, because the actress, Debhnam-Carey, has signed on for "Fear the Walking Dead," and her contract with them only allowed her to wrap up her character's storyline.

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Others also point out that it is not just the lesbian couples that get separated by death. In fact, Clarke's first love interest on the show, Finn (Thomas McDonell), was killed in Season 2, while, Bellamy's (Bob Morley) girlfriend was killed in Season 3.

However, the letter clarifies that it is not the death itself that has made them furious, it is the timing. Kylie says to an LGBT youth that is using "The 100" as a method of escapism, Lexa's death right after getting intimate with Clarke would translate as homosexual intercourse being wrong.

Kylie reminds Rothenberg that Lexa was a target throughout the third season and was even in a one-to-one combat, but none of that killed her. It is the stray bullet, which was meant for her lover, that hit Lexa and killed her.

Meanwhile, "The 100" continues with the story of the Skaikru in the upcoming Season 3 Episode 8 and it will see the members of Arkadia getting divided over what Pike thinks is right and what Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) thinks is right. The fans are hoping that Bellamy will finally stand up to Pike in "Terms and Conditions," especially after learning that Arkadia is surrounded by Grounders and is ready to kill if anyone crosses the barrier. 

Watch Season 3 Episode 8 of "The 100" at 9 p.m. (EST) Thursday, March 10. You can also live-stream "Terms and Conditions" via The CW Seed and CWINGO.