"The 100" Season 3 had established a false sense of security in the premiere episode, but with Episode 5 it will be clear that a war is coming, and everyone will have to pick sides. "Hakeldama" will also see an ideological battle among the many leaders of Arkadia.

Pike (Michael Beach) is the new chancellor of the Ark people, and he trusts none of the Grounders. Convinced that the "peace army" that Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) sent to protect them was a ruse, he led a few Arkers, including Bellamy (Bob Morley), into attacking them. In the upcoming episode, the Arkers will learn that they placed their trust on the wrong commander.

However, they will get to choose a leader to follow soon, because "Hakeldama" will see the return of Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Jaha (Isaiah Washington) as well. Clarke is seen accompanied by Lexa back to Arkadia, but they will be shocked to see that everything they did to protect the alliance of the Grounders and the Sky Crew has gone down the drain.

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Clarke would be disappointed in Bellamy's choices, and he himself may soon go on a guilt trip. In the promo for Season 3 Episode 5 of "The 100," Bellamy is seen telling Pike, "We went too far." Regardless, his realisation would come a little too late, because the Grounders would retaliate soon.

While leaders like Clarke, Pike and Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) try to implement their solutions to protecting Arkadia, Jaha will try to get his people to follow him to the City of Light, where there is no death or pain. Although everyone will see through Jaha's insane mission and ALIE's (Erica Cerra) hold over him, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) might be tempted to join him.

As fans know, the injury in her leg is getting worse, and she has been refusing anyone offer to help; especially Abby's (Paige Turco). If Jaha convinces him that the City of Light will eliminate any pain that she is feeling, she might fall for the fantasy he is selling.

Watch Season 3 Episode 5 of "the 100" at 9 p.m. (EST) on Thursday, Feb. 18. You can also live stream "Hakeldama" via The CW Seed and CWINGO.