The makers of Hrithik Roshan's highly anticipated super-hero sequel "Krrish 3" have finally released its official motion poster today.

The Roshan-clan has gone techno-savy in releasing the first-ever motion poster of "Krrish 3" on Facebook's live chat.

In a live conversation at Facebook's Hyderabad Office, Hrithik went on to answer a volley of personal and professional questions thrown at him.

On being asked of several queries of the superhero flick, Hrithik cleverly answered without giving away much about the plot. He did say that the film has lots of new elements besides the 'alien' factor.

The actor also revealed that his character in the film will be called Krishnan Mehra. However, he was ambiguous in response to a fan's question on whether the superhero possessed any grey traits.

Hrithik also stated that the idea of Krrish as a superhero was inspired from "Superhero" and "E.T", which were incidentally the first two films he had watched during his nascent years.

Hrithik was joined by "Krrish 3" lead actress Priyanka  Chopra  from Mumbai via video conference.

He went to praise the actress for her ability in doing stunts and also hinted humorously at her relatively poor food habits.

In the first look, unveiled days ago via Twitter, Hrithik's silhouette appeared as the masked superhero.

Here the official motion poster Of "Krrish 3"