Everybody knows that Bollywood award shows are not always about applauding the deserving. There has been a lot said about awards being bought, the show itself being staged. That's a reality nobody is hiding, and nobody is changing.

Some actors stood up against the system and said they'd rather stay away from it. One of the most notable names in this regard is Aamir Khan who hasn't been attending award shows for a very long time now. A lot has been said in the media about this decision being linked to Shah Rukh Khan.

Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

Why Aamir Khan doesn't attend award shows

Not to take away from the deserving but, Bollywood award shows have been more about the glamour than the talent, on most accounts. We know this from the actors' mouths themselves who've on many occasions called out shows for their approach and format. Then it's understandable why Aamir Khan regarded as one of the most talented in the industry, would not want to become fodder for the sham. Many have always wondered why the actor doesn't go to one, even when he's the one winning. 

According to media reports, the reason for Aamir's decision to stop attending award shows was indirectly linked to Shah Rukh Khan. Aamir Khan used to attend the functions at the beginning of his career. In '93 when Shah Rukh Khan won a Filmfare award for Baazigar, Aamir Khan was nominated for Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke, the actor was present. It was the '95 award ceremony that really changed the actor's outlook towards awards when Shah Rukh Khan won for DDLJ and Aamir Khan didn't win for Rangeela. Moreover, his performance in the film was highly praised. 

Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan
Varinder Chawla

On many occasions, the actor has said he never felt the need to give any award ceremony importance and doesn't want to attend the function if he doesn't value it. Perhaps it's more about evaluating performance and getting the right kind of recognition for one's work and not simply about sour grapes. It speaks volumes that he isn't the only one who has stopped attending the shows.