Stefanos Tsitsipas
File picture of Stefanos TsitsipasDarrian Traynor/Getty Images

The fairytale finally came to an end, and a shocked Stefanos Tsitsipas could not quite explain his loss to Rafael Nadal. He conceded that he never came close in the Australian Open match as he was outgunned by the Spaniard on Friday.

He could just win six games in his first Grand Slam semi-final, as the match was over in 106 minutes. He conceded the match 6-2, 6-4, 6-0.

"Honestly, I have no idea what I can take from that match," a despondent Tsitsipas said.

"I wasn't even close to getting something. I only got six games from that match," he further added.

Has lost all his 3 matches against Nadal

The Greek has now lost all of his three matches against Nadal and has conceded that this match was entirely different as he never had a chance to make his presence felt.

"He gives you no rhythm. He plays just a different game style than the rest of the players. He has this, I don't know, talent that no other player has. I've never seen a player have this. He makes you play bad. I don't know. I would call that a talent," he added.

The Greek also said that the temperatures, which were hovering around 40 degrees, could have played a role in the match as he never felt switched on which was very rare.

"I would say I was mentally not in the match so much. I felt kind of empty in my brain, which is strange because I never feel like this when I'm in the match. I hope it doesn't happen again. I really hope it doesn't. It's nice to have wins against these kinds of players, top four," he said.

He said that he was disappointed by the result of the match as he could never stamp himself and allowed Nadal to dominate, which in many ways was not the closure he would have wanted.