Katy Perry
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Wrestling legend Bam Bam Bigelow started trending online during Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime show, thanks to the singer's red and orange inflamed ensemble.

Perry rode into the arena on the back of a huge metal iron statue wearing a dress that many believe drew inspiration from Bam Bam Bigelow's wrestling gear. It even gave rise to the "Who Wore It Best?" game, which saw Perry's ensembles being compared to a host of things, including Chester Cheetah, the mascot for Cheetos snacks.

Many others pointed out that the ensemble was similar to the ice skating costume worn by Will Ferrell in "Blades Of Glory."

Perry's grand entrance had several others bringing up the episode in The Family Guy where Peter Griffin rode a lion.

Jokes aside, Perry's Super Bowl halftime performance was a success as her impressive singing was complemented by the spectacle of props that included dancing sharks, fake palm trees and wild animals. In the 12 minutes, she was allotted, Perry managed to squeeze in four costume changes and about nine songs, including three by Missy Elliott.

Before her halftime performance, Perry reached out to last year's performer, Bruno Mars, for some advice.

Here's what she sent him via Billboard: "Hello, exclusive Super Bowl club member! I was wondering if you are in L.A. at all this month and would have tea with a sister who is about to throw up with nervousness re: [football emoji]. I've heard about your process through our managers, but am wondering if you had more insight on important things like, spray tan the night before or three nights before? JK, or maybe not!"

Super Bowl 2015 concluded with the New England Patriots beating Seattle Seahawks in a dramatic finale.