Tony Blair
Tony BlairReuters

Rumors of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's alleged affair with Rupert Murdoch's wife, Wendi Deng, has once again flared up, after a report stated that Blair was about to confess about his overnight stay at the media mogul's ranch in California with Deng.

Blair's wish to confess was reportedly aborted when Deng's two young children walked into the room during one of his two overnight stays. 

Blair's friends feel that he should have left instead of staying longer, and immediately told Murdoch about his visit, The Guardian reported. 

Murdoch and his children are suspicious about the nature of Blair's relationship with Deng, The Guardian reported, and added that the politician was described as "rather flirty" by a female colleague.

To make matters worse, Deng's letter to herself where she described her torment in missing Blair was recently published by Vanity Fair, raising speculation that there was more to Deng's relationship with Blair than friendship.

"Oh, shit, oh, shit," she wrote in the letter. "Whatever why I'm so so missing Tony. Because he is so so charming and his clothes are so good. He has such good body and he has really really good legs Butt . . . And he is slim tall and good skin. Pierce blue eyes which I love. Love his eyes. Also I love his power on the stage . . . and what else and what else and what else . . . "

It is this letter that was said to be the last straw for Murdoch to separate from his wife of 14 years, reports said.